Iso-Rapid I

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The Agfa ISO-RAPID I is an all-mechanic viewfinder camera for Agfa's Rapid film system. Introduced in 1965 has a simple fix-focus meniscus lens, an Agfa Isinar f/8 42mm, in a Parator shutter.[1] Two settings are selectable: sunlight (=1/80sec ) and cloudy/flash (=1/40 sec). On top of the brick-like camera body are an exposure counter and a hot shoe for an electronic flash. A thumb-wheel in the camera back serves for cocking the shutter and advancing the film. The bottom plate of the camera is removable, which just reveals the plastic body, and no provision for a battery (as found in Iso-Rapid_C or Iso-Rapid_IF). The flash is triggered by a contact closure on the shutter, so either a flash with its own battery, or an electronic flash must be used. This makes this camera usable today, if the user reloads the Rapid or SL film cassettes and uses a hot shoe triggered electronic flash.

Two versions exist, Type 2421 with a shutter release on top of the camera body. [2] and Type 2422 with a shutter lever release next to the lens[3]The Rapid System allowed for 16 exposures of 24x24mm size.

115 x 76 x 50 mm, 180g (empty), 215g with 1 cartridge



Notes and References

  1. It was sold for DM26.50, as a set containing the camera, a black (plastic) ready bag, a flash unit (the ISO-Blitzer Typ 6840), a set of AG1 flash bulbs, a battery for the flash (6V battery Type IEC 4 F16) and a roll (cartridge) of film.
  2. via Flickr
  3. This version has only "sunny" and 'flash".