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The Industar-50 was a 50mm f3.5 lens, derived from Zeiss's Tessar 4-element lens with a 45º image angle.[1] It was nicknamed the "Eagle's eye". Its brand name Industar was used for all similar 4-element/3-group lens constructions of the whole soviet photo-optical industry.

The most common variant of the Industar-50 was a screw-mount lens for 35mm rangefinder cameras, both in collapsible (Leica Elmar-style) and in rigid housings, all for M39 Leica Thread Mount. The lenses were made from 1959 by KMZ, mainly for the Zorki The collapsible variants were made by LZOS. Another version was made by KMZ, for the m39 SLR mount found on early model Zenit and Kristall (KMZ) cameras, which will not focus properly on LTM cameras due to differing flange distance. An M42 variant Industar-50-2 for later Zenit SLRs (and other m42 cameras) was available. This variant is popular for use as pancake lens on modern SLR bodies by means of an M42 screw-mount adapter, if necessary.

It also found use in the FT-2 Panorama camera.

Optical formula

17.1 2.7 LZ_TK14 
inf 4.16 AIR
-33.57 1.05 LZ_LF5 
14.56 5.05 AIR
346.8 1.2 LZ_OF1 
15.0 4.7 LZ_TK14 


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