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Flash was a camera stores chain based in France, founded around 1960.

They are known for their private label brand Ifba which was introduced around 1970. Brand and stores were advertised as making the cheapest retail offers in France and offering products of Japan's biggest factories.

OEM products of international makers were badged Ifbaflex SLRs, Ifbagon (lenses), Ifbalit (studio lights), Ifbatronic (flashes), Ifbanox (enlargers), Ifbascope (telescopes) and so on.


  • Ifba 35
  • Ifba 500
  • Ifba Signal Flash


  • Astral S20 (Sedic)
  • Astral S30
  • Astral 110
  • Pocket 500
  • Pocket 600

35mm SLRs

  • Ifbaflex 1000 DX (Chinon)
  • Ifbaflex 2000 CE
  • Ifbaflex M102
  • Ifbaflex T1000 (Cosina)
  • Ifbaflex TL1000 (Cosina)

M42 lenses


  • Ifbatronic (flash)
  • Ifbalit 1000 simplex (studio light)

Super 8 cine cameras

  • Ifba Mirage M8 de luxe
  • Ifba Mirage M10S
  • Ifba Mirage E Electronic 60S