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Holgawood is a series of Holga 120N cameras painted in an assortment of colours and released in 2008. Both the left and right sides of the box, at the bottom, notes that this series is exclusively distributed by FS Distribution which is owned by Freestyle.

These came as a kit which included the following: Lens cap, strap, masks for both 6x4.5 and 6x6, manual, and limited edition collectible card. The card showcased the camera, and description which was send-up of what the design was paying homage to (i.e. the Twi-Lite Zone description was a homage to the classic opening to the TV series the Twilight Zone.).

The cameras are named after movies, with an assortment of 10 colours.

  • Blooze Brothers (blue)
  • Camera Formally Known As Holga (Lavender)
  • Casablanco (white)
  • Commando (Green w/ a camouflage covering)
  • JAWZ (blue grey)
  • Oscar (gold)
  • Pretty in Pink (Pink)
  • Sunset Blvd (Mustard Yellow)
  • Twi-lite Zone (Silver and black)
  • Yellow Brick Road (yellow)