Holga 120 3D

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The Holga 120 3D is a medium format stereo camera manufactured by Universal Electronics, Ltd. ( Holga ) of Hong Kong.

The camera is based on the Holga 120CFN. The pair of stereo images are captured in 6x6. The lens set is the same plastic 60mm f/8 design from previous Holgas. There are four positions to the focusing, 1m (single), 2m (trio), 6m (group) and 10m-inf (mountain). There are two setting switches for the shutter speed; N (1/100) and B (bulb). This can be adjusted on the top of each lens surround. The shutter release is the same one found on the Holga 135 and has a screw-in cable release socket. There is a single viewfinder. It has two colour filter electronic flashes. It can be turned on with two horizontal switches on the back. Two orange LED indicator is lit when the flash is ready. Red, yellow and blue filters are built-in. Change the colours by rotating the dials on top plate of each flash to R, Y and B. For normal flash use the W setting. The flash requires four AA batteries that are located in the film chamber under the removable film mask. A 3D stereo slide viewer is available called Holga 120-3DV.