Hanimex 35SE

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The Hanimex 35SE is a fixed focus, plastic lensed 35mm compact with built in flash. This simple fixed shutter speed camera gave user the option to adjust aperture. The first 2 settings (f/16 & f/9.5) were set by a switch on the front of the camera which was marked in weather pictograms for 100 & 400 ASA (ISO) film speeds. Turning on the manual flash modes the aperture to f/5.6 (giving the inventive user a 3rd setting with the batteries out).

Camera appears to be a rebranded version of the rarer Halina Flash 300 by Haking (also know as the Halina H 300) right down to top-plate. This was succeeded by the better known Halina Flash 350

There is no metering or low light warning. The camera has cable release point, tripod point and takes screw in 43mm filters.


  • Lens : 38mm 1:5.6 coated plastic triple
  • Shutter : Fixed 1/125 sec
  • Flash Guide Number : 35 (100 ISO) feet
  • Batteries : 2xAA