Goldmann Klapp-Taschen-Camera

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The Klapp-Taschen-Camera, from the early 20th century, is a wooden-bodied strut-folding camera with nickel-plated metalwork and a leather bellows with a single, broad pleat. It has a good quality lens (the examples seen have a Goerz Dagor with helical focusing to about two metres), and a focal plane shutter with a range of speeds.[1][2] The lens-board allows front rise (when the camera is oriented horizontally). There is a collapsible Newton type finder and a spirit level on the top of the body. The camera has two tripod bushes.

It was available in four sizes for 9x12cm, 9x18cm, 12x16½cm and 13x18cm plates. One 9x12 example sold at Westlicht has a roll-film back (covering the full width of the format; it is perhaps for 8x12 cm), also by Goldmann.[2] This fits around the camera body, covering the folding finder, but comes with its own spirit level and detachable Newton finder.


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