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Goldeck is a range of similar viewfinder cameras taking 6×6cm frames on 120 film, made by Goldammer in Germany from c.1958. The main difference between the models seems to be the lens and shutter combination. Most have a rigid body with telescoping lens tube.

There was also a Goldeck 16 range of subminiature cameras.

Goldeck 6×6 Cameras

  • Goldeck I (Steiner f2.9 lens in Prontor SVS shutter)
  • Goldeck II (Steiner f2.9 lens in Pronto shutter)
  • Goldeck III (Steiner f3.5 lens in Vario shutter)
  • Goldeck IV (Steiner f4.5 lens in Vario shutter)
  • Goldeck V (Gugomat f7.7 lens in Acro shutter)
    • Version with shutter release on top
    • Version with release on front (also sold as the Goldixette)
  • Goldeck VI (Gugomat f8 lens in Acro shutter)