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Note: the Globuscope camera has no relation to the early 20th-century Globus cameras by Herbst & Firl.

The Globuscope panorama camera was produced beginning in 1981 by Globus Ltd. of New York City, and named for the three Globus brothers. At least two versions were produced.

A spring-driven clockwork mechanism rotates the entire camera head and smoothly advances the 35mm film. A lens behind the slit aperture exposes a continuous panorama onto the moving film. The photographer is expected to hold the camera high enough to stay out of the picture, guided by bubble levels in the handle. Multiple rotations are possible, by keeping the brass shutter button depressed. A single 360° rotation takes about one second and exposes about six inches worth of film. The camera head is twisted in the opposite direction to re-tension the spring mechanism for another exposure.