Fuji Rensha Cardia

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The Rensha Cardia is a compact 35mm film camera from Fuji released in the tail end of 1991.

It is a sequence based multi lens camera. The original version was made in 8 lens (1x4, 1x4) configuration. There are several multiple shot fixed exposure modes: "Normal", "Fast", Very Fast. The shutter firing order can be changed from left to right or right to left. The film is advanced via a thumbwheel and uses a rewind crank.

Rensha Cardia Byu-n 16

In 1995 another version was released called Rensha Cardia Byu-n 16. A version was also release by Kalimar as the Action Shot 16.

There are several multiple shot fixed exposure modes: "Normal", "Fast", Very Fast. Images are shot with 16 sub-frames covering two 24mm x 36mm frames, each composed of two rows of four sub-frames, 9mm(h) x 9mm(w) or 7mm(w) (center 4 subframes). The film is power advanced and power rewound.


Rensha Cardia Rensha Cardia Byu-n 16
Year 1991 1995
Lens 8x 20mm f/9.5 16x 27mm f/9.5
Focus fixed focus
Shutter 1/125 1/250
Dimensions 166mm × 75.5mm × 41.5mm 145 x 74 x 41 mm
Weight 243g 205g
Battery 2x AA 2x CR123A


  • Brief video clips showing Rensha Cardia Byu-n16 shutters firing in normal and fast modes; from hoge73 on YouTube