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The Flexora was the first of that line of TLRs made by Lipca, Barntrup. It is in fact a continuation of the Flexo which had to change name after a trademark dispute with Franke & Heidecke. Production started in 1951.

It was sold with the following Lens/Shutter combinations :

  • Type I, an Enna Ennar 3.5/7.5cm taking lens in either a Vario shutter.
  • Type II, an Enna Ennar 3.5/7.5cm taking lens in a Prontor-S shutter.
  • Type III, an Enna Ennagon 3.5/7.5cm taking lens in a Prontor-S shutter.

All taking lenses are coated.

Focusing is done by an anchor under the taking lens, like on the Minolta Autocord I and the Meopta Flexaret VII. It takes 6×6 pictures on 620 or 120 film. The film is transported with a knob on the right of the camera. An odd series of apertures 3.5, 4.5 5.3, 8, 12, 18 and 25 is marked on a scale under the taking lens.

A Frame-counter/Transport-stop was an option for the Flexora. This frame-counter was delivered to Lipca by Plaubel and closely resembles the counters Plaubel used on their prewar Roll-Op folding camera.


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