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The Falcon Miniature (or Falcon Deluxe Miniature) 127 film cameras were made in New York by the Utility Manufacturing Company, starting c.1939. Later, after being taken over by Spartus the same series continued, now manufactured in Chicago. The camera bodies were made of Bakelite, and styled somewhat like the 35mm Argus A. The image format was 3×4 cm, using dual red windows to advance the film.

Different body moldings, lens faceplates, and viewfinder styles all appeared under the Falcon Miniature name. Most of the bodies include a compartment to store an extra film roll. One Falcon body style (with horizontal ribbing) was a clear design inspiration for the Lomographic Sprocket Rocket.

Name Variants

Similar cameras were sold as the Carlton, Falcon Midget, Falcon Minette, Rex Miniature, and others[1]. The wiki article "the Chicago Cluster" discusses the bewildering world of Chicago camera rebrandings. Even a Falcon Girl Scout variant was available.


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See The Chicago Cluster for more probably-related cameras and "companies"