Excelsior-Werk Rudolf Kiesewetter

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Excelsior-Werk Rudolf Kiesewetter was founded in Leipzig 1908 by Rudolf Kiesewetter. Among other electronic measuring instruments, it manufactured several selenium light meter models starting from 1933. During the Second World War the company was inactive for several years. The company still exists as Rudolf Kiesewetter Messtechnik GmbH.


In chronological order with the year of presentation: [1]

  • 1933 Photoskop K
  • 1933 Photoscop (US export version of Photoskop K, imported by Photo Utilities Inc.)
  • 1935 Picoskop
  • 1935 Picoskop model 2
  • 1935 Kinoscop (Cine camera version of Picoskop Model 2)
  • 1936 Photoscop
  • 1937 Excelsior (different versions)
  • 1937 Mini Photoscop (US export version of Excelsior, imported by Photo Utilities Inc., also cine version)
  • ca. 1955 Excelsior Jr.
  • ca. 1960 Excelsior 3


  1. Based on Jean-Yves Moulinier's "Le Temps de Pose" CD (more info)