Envoy Wide Angle

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The Envoy Wide Angle was a box camera, with a flip-up sports finder, designed for wide-angle photographs. Fitted with a Taylor-Hobson 64mm f6.5 fixed-focus lens, it took 6x9 images on 120 film, or could have a plate holder fitted. The shutter was either a Prontor with speeds from 1/10-1/150s, an Epsilon 1s-1/250s or, later, a Synchro-Compur-P running from 1s-1/500s. It was marketed by, but not badged as, Ilford, and manufactured by Photo Developments Ltd of Birmingham, England.

Edit 10 November 2011 by johnnyh4 :- I have also just seen, on ebay (so the volatile picture is not linked), one with an "ENVOY" badged shutter having T B 25 50 100 175 (needs identification if any body can recognise it).

Edit 1140 hrs 10 November 2011 by johnnyh4 :- I've found another one with the "ENVOY" shutter at Envoy Wide Angle - A Surprise British Oddity by Ralf.J at Photonet. Looking at this, I'm not sure that the fastest speed isn't 125 rather than 175, and it looks to me like one of the Agilux shutters re-labelled; that would fit with the top speed being 125.