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Ensign Ranger is a series of 120 film vertical folding cameras made by Houghtons in England, under their Ensign brand. The Ranger has a similar body to the contemporary Selfix 8/20, but with a cheaper lens and shutter. The body has a folding frame finder. The top plate carries the film advance knob, and a similar knob on the feed spool, the opening button and the finder; the shutter release is a small button set radially on the edge of the shutter block. The knobs lift to release the film spools.

The original model was introduced c.1948[1], with a black crackle-finish body.

The 1953 Ensign Ranger Special had a chromed top-plate and a Rosstar or Ensar f/4.5 lens in an Epsilon four-speed shutter, costing £13-18s-3d. The Special had an albada optical folding finder, and provision for 6x6 as well as 6x9 frames[2].

The 1951 Ensign Ranger II was restyled with chromed plates (as on the Special) and leatherette covered front and back, larger knobs and a simplified design on the lens surround, and replaced the leather carrying handle with a plastic one. The name is embossed in the leatherette, on the front above the bellows. In 1952 it cost £12-19s-6d.[3] Some Ranger IIs have an upgraded f3.8 Ross Xpress lens.

  • Shutter: Ensign Trikon, 1/25-1/100
  • Lens: Ensar Anastigmat 105mm f6.3 or f3.8 Ross Xpres (Ranger II only)
  • Film: 120, 8 6x9cm frames