Ellison Kamra

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The Ellison Kamra Company was started in about 1926 by Michael Ellison and Edward McAuliffe, both of Los Angeles, to exploit their patent for a camera shutter mechanism.[1] The company made just one camera, for 35mm film in special box-shaped cassettes. The body and cassettes are made from brown bakelite. The lens (an f/5 Wollensak) is mounted behind a folding cover, on which there is a brilliant finder.

There is a folding crank on the top of the body, which both advances the film by toothed wheels by the film gate (when wound clockwise) and operates the shutter (when wound in reverse). McKeown states that the crank mechanism is less fragile than on the later QRS Kamra, where it is broken in most examples seen.[2] The crank is also linked to a spool in the uptake film cassette by a belt.

A similar design was made later by the QRS DeVry Corporation of Chicago.


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