Eastar S3

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The Eastar S3 is a 35mm coupled-rangefinder camera made by the Tianjin Camera Factory in the 1960s. It has a 50mm f/2.8 Eastar lens stopping down to f/16 and focusing to 0.8 metre. The shutter has speeds 1 - 1/300 second, plus 'B'. The camera has a cold shoe for flash, and a PC socket on the front. It has no light meter. In specification, it is very similar to the Yashica J.

The characters on the front read 'Dongfan' ('East' or 'Orient'). Examples may be seen with this on a red badge instead of as an engraving.[1]


  1. Eastar S3 (earlier than the one illustrated here, from the serial numbers), with red badge instead of engraving; at Antique Camera Museum (in Chinese)