E. Fischel Jr.

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E. Fischel Jr. was a Dutch distributor of photographic supplies established in 1868 and operating until about World War II. The company was based in 88 Gelderschekade, with a retailshop at 48 Reguliersbreestraat, both Amsterdam, (Netherlands).[1] While the company primarily sold rebadged cameras from other German and French makers,[2] as well as imported lenses and other products, it also sold imported brass lenses under its own label "Astra".[3] Later it seems to have had links with, or part ownership of, the Dutch lens maker Fabriek van Fotografische Producten.


  • Aplanastigmat Extra Rapid f/8[4]



Publications & Catalogues

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'Astra Foto Artikelen' Dutch photographic magazine Focus (vol. 1 nº 1, January 10th 1914) ) Hans Kerensky photo).


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