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Dacora-Kamerawerk is a camera maker founded in 1946 by Bernhard Dangelmaier at Reutlingen, Germany. By 1960, the company had produced some 2 million inexpensive cameras. Dacora manufactured cameras for other European camera retailers to be sold under their own label, including Porst, Ringfoto, Ferrania, Ilford, and Lumière. The company was purchased in 1972 and camera production ceased shortly thereafter.[1]


Rapid film

The Dacora Rapid cameras were also sold rebranded by Ferrania, Hanimex and Ilford (as the Sportina range).

  • Dacora D 101 Rapid
  • Dacora D 101 F Rapid
  • Dacora D 202 Rapid
  • Dacora D 303 Rapid
  • Dacora D 404 Rapid

120 film

126 film

127 film

  • Digna 44


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