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== Links ==
== Links ==
* [http://www.lyndrup.dk/ken/Engelsk/Dacora%20E/Daco.htm Daco] on Ken Lyndrup's site (possibly mistakenly labelled Daci II)
* [http://www.lyndrup.dk/ken/Engelsk/Dacora%20E/Daco.htm Daco] on [http://www.lyndrup.dk/ken/Engelsk.htm Ken Lyndrup's site]
[[Category:German 6x9 box]]
[[Category:German 6x9 box]]

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The Daco is a Bakelite box camera made by Dacora in Germany. The original model dates from 1949, with an f/11 lens; the 1950 Daco II has an f/8 lens[1].

There are controls on the front giving a choice of apertures, f11, f16, f22 (Daci) or f8 & f11 (Daci II), and focus ranges of 1.5-4m and 4m-∞. The camera uses 120 film taking twelve 6x6cm images per roll.

The Daco was superceded by the similar, but metal-bodied Daci and Daci Royal.


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