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[[Category: Japanese 6x6 viewfinder folding]]
[[Category: Japanese 6x6 viewfinder folding]]
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The Crown is a Japanese 6×6 folder made in the 1950s and attributed to Tohken Optical Works by some sources.[1]

Description of the body

The Crown is a horizontal folder and has straight diagonal struts. The film is advanced by a knob placed at the left end of the top plate, as seen by the photographer, and the advance is certainly controlled via a red window. The viewfinder is contained in a top housing, which is incurved towards the right. There is an accessory shoe at the right end. A button is visible to the left of the viewfinder, probably used to open the folding bed. It seems that the shutter release is some sort of lever placed on the right, alongside the bed's opening. The back is hinged to the right and the back latch consists of a long sliding bar.

Surviving example

The only known surviving example is pictured in Sugiyama, where it is called "Crown Modal-III", probably after the engraving on the top plate.[2] It seems that the word "Modal" is a typo for "Model" in the camera's engravings. The shutter gives B, 1–200 speeds, has an ASA synch socket and no visible marking. The lens is a Seriter Anastigmat 80mm f/3.5. No other model of the Crown 6×6 folder is known.


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The camera is not listed in Kokusan kamera no rekishi.