Cosina Hi-Lite

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Apparently the first camera for 35mm film ever sold by Cosina, the Hi-Lite is a boxy SLR introduced circa 1968.[1] It has stopdown TTL metering triggered by pressing a button alongside the lens mount, to the users left.

The viewfinder screen has a microprism focusing aid in its center. The right side of the finder image shows the meter needle with a centering mark.

This model launched Cosina's business of OEM camera manufacture for rebranding by other companies, such as Dixons and Porst. This model was also sold as the Universa Interflex TL, with a slightly modified shutter button.

The front facing shutter-speed dial[2] gives a strong resemblance to the functionally similar Ricoh Singlex TLS of 1967. Close examination will show that every detail differs slightly (e.g. the Hi-Lite has a release catch for the film door on the bottom of the body), and they are not the same camera.

Observed examples of the Hi-Lite black version include a plastic tip on the film advance lever.



  1. As noted on a Cosina company history page, from their "Reasons behind the choices Cosina makes" pages.
  2. eBay auction #183775575742 shows a camera with the top shutter dial like the Cosina Hi-Lite DL, but simply engraved "Hi-Lite" with the separate Cosina name badge. Its serial number is visible as 123162, which is within the observed range for front-dial Hi-Lites. German eBay listing #1388309362 shows a Hi-Lite serial 123186 with the same configuration.