Cosina 35 Compact E

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A compact rangefinder camera from Cosina, the 35 Compact E was largely based on the Konica C35 series. Various clones were manufactured with different branding in several territories. A notable identification feature of this particular model is the rectangular shutter release button. Similar models include the Porst 135 S.


  • Lens: Automatic Cosinon 38mm/2.7, minimum focus distance 1mtr/3.5ft.
  • Copal shutter/aperture combination, just 2 blades working together for correct exposure by making combinations, ranging from f/2.7 and 1/30sec to f/16 and 1/650sec, a needle in the viewfinder indicates which one the meter has selected.
  • manual "B" (bulb) setting for long exposures
  • coupled rangefinder
  • hot shoe, coupled with a distance scale, it adjusts aperture accordingly
  • self timer
  • ISO range from 25 to 400
  • 357 1,35V single battery, can easily be replaced for LR44 type (with ISO adjustment for voltage difference).
  • size: 110mm x 75mm x 54mm
  • weight: 359gr.