Coronet De Luxe (Tiranty)

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Coronet De Luxe (Tiranty) is a folding 120 film camera manufactured under license of Coronet Co., Birmingham, England by Tiranty Company, Paris, France and produced post-WW2 times, late 1940s.

Coronet was a British camera maker based in Birmingham. It manufactured a variety of cheap box and folding cameras until 1967. After the WW2 it worked together with the French company Tiranty to avoid French import restrictions. Several Coronet camera models were made in France, some with Boyer lenses, and some with instruction imprints in French.

There are many variants of the camera.

Photos of the various models: [1] [2] [3]


  • Format 6x9cm, film 120 roll
  • Self-erecting bellows
  • Lens: offered with various lenses, such as:
    • Meniscus lens, 2 diaphragms (marked Dia and GO),
    • Topaz Boyer 100mm f/6.3,iris diaphragm apertures 6.3 to 32
  • Focus: varies in models, eg.fixed focus or front focusing 1m to Inf.
  • Shutter: offered with various shutters, such as:
    • Simple spring drive
    • No name, four speed
    • Gitzo
  • Viewfinder:
    • Waist level brilliant viewfinder
    • Frame finder, as a second finder