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Concord Camera Corp. was a US camera sales company founded in 1982. It offered basic affordable low end cameras. These were produced in China which were branded under various names including Concord, Goldline, Keystone, Apex, Le Clic, Argus or Polaroid. It produced a range of both film and digital under its own brands and for other companies. It also had some success producing single use cameras under it own and others marques. It ceased trading in 2009.


The company was originally founded in 1982 by Jack C. Benun in Rahway, New Jersey. Benun founded a factory in Bao'an in the the People's Republic of China in 1983. By 1998 the company headquarters had relocated to Hollywood, Florida. It was by then successfully producing arrange of cameras under its own brands and for other retailers such as Wal-mart, Kmart and Sears. It was also a successful producer of single use cameras under both its brands and for other companies. The company was also providing outsourced camera manufacturing to companies like Kodak and Polaroid.

In December 2008 the shareholders agreed to dissolve and liquidate the company. It ceased trading in 2009

During its operation it successfully acquired several other brand names including

  • 1990 - Argus & Safari from Optex, inc
  • 1991 - Keystone Camera
  • 2004 - Jenimage GmbH from Jenoptik's former digicam distributor 4MBO.

List of Concord Cameras


  • Concord 642
  • Concord 1500
  • Concord 3345
  • Concord 3346z
  • Concord 4042
  • Concord 4340z
  • Concord 5040
  • Concord 5062AF
  • Concord 5445z
  • Concord 3046 (3.1 mega pixel)
  • Concord 3047 (3.1 mega pixel)
  • Concord DVx
  • Concord ES510z (5.1 mega pixel)
  • Concord ES500z
  • Concord Eye-Q 1000
  • Concord Eye-Q 1200x
  • Concord Eye-Q 1300 (1.3 mega pixel)
  • Concord Eye-Q 2040 (2 mega pixel)
  • Concord Eye-Q 2133z
  • Concord Eye-Q 3103
  • Concord Eye-Q 3120 AF
  • Concord Eye-Q 3132z
  • Concord Eye-Q 3340z (3.2 mega pixel)
  • Concord Eye-Q 3341z (3.1 mega pixel)
  • Concord Eye-Q 3343z (3.1 mega pixel)
  • Concord Eye-Q 4060AF
  • Concord Eye-Q 4330z
  • Concord Eye-Q 4342z
  • Concord Eye-Q 4360z (4 mega pixel)
  • Concord Eye-Q 4363z
  • Concord Eye-Q 5062af
  • Concord Eye-Q 5330z (5 mega pixel)
  • Concord Eye-Q Duo (1.3 megapixel)
  • Concord Eye-Q Duo 2000 (2 megapixel)
  • Concord Eye-Q Go (1.3 mega pixel)
  • Concord Eye-Q Go 2000
  • Concord Eye-Q Go Wireless
  • Concord Eye-Q Mini






Disposable / Single Use