Cobra Crystal

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As of 2011, one rare remaining 35mm film camera available through consumer retail channels was the Cobra Crystal. This is an all-plastic trashcam with a focus free "27mm Optical Lens" and a weak AA-cell-powered electronic flash. It has a one-element 27mm lens which gives significant blur everywhere outside the center of the frame. By Lomography standards, its USD ~$10 retail price may be considered a bargain.

The Cobra Crystal is clearly the Jazz 207 under another name, and shares that model's see-through colored plastic front panels. The Cobra corporate website does not acknowledge this analog aberration amongst its offerings, however one cheap digital model advertised there seems suspiciously similar to the Jazz JDC 9 [1]. Other brandings that use this body style include the Bell and Howell 250 and the Sakar.


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