Chinon CP-6

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The CP-6 Spot - twin program is a 35mm SLR film camera from Japanese manufacturer Chinon. It is a highly sophisticated camera with a lot of advanced features. Besides the ability to control the camera manually, it has 2 pre-programmed auto exposures settings. One is designed for fast-moving objects and doesn't go below 1/60 sec, and the other is for creative photography with the emphasis on depth-of-field.

The camera is also equipped with a selectable exposure metering system. The photographer can choose between centre-weighted or spot-metering, simply by selecting it by a switch.

Chinon also provided an auto-focus 35-70mm macro lens, controlled by this body the shutter would only fire when the object was in focus.


  • 2 program AE modes
  • choice between 2 exposure metering modes
  • Pentax K, KA mount
  • auto-focus ability
  • DX film ISO reading
  • manual mode
  • 14 shutter speeds from 8 sec. to 1/1000 sec.
  • electromagnetic shutter
  • ISO range 25-5000
  • EV compensation from -2 to +2
  • X flash sync at 1/100 and slow-sync at 1/80 or slower at manual
  • body weight 520gr.

Chinon offered a wide range of accessories, like winders, data- or infobacks, flashes, cases, prime and zoom lenses and AF lenses.