Chinon CE Memotron

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The CE Memotron was an advanced model from Chinon, among the few cameras accepting 42mm screw lenses to offer aperture-priority autoexposure. Pressing the shutter release halfway stops down the lens and activates a needle in the viewfinder indicating which shutter speed will result. "Memotron" refers to an AE lock feature, used by pressing a button on the side of the lens mount. A tab alongside the film-advance lever permits multiple exposures. The shutter operates steplessly in auto mode over a range from 1/2000 to 2 seconds, or the familiar speed steps can be selected manually.

Without power from the 6 volt silver-oxide battery, the CE Memotron can only fire its shutter at the 1/100th second "X" speed. The followup Chinon CE II Memotron replaces the battery check button with a switch for a viewfinder blind, and instead blinks a battery-good indicator with every press of the shutter release.