Chicago Ferrotype Company

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The Chicago Ferrotype Co. was a camera maker which resided in the Ferrotype Building, at the junction of Congress and Laflin Streets in Chicago, Illinois. The company was set up by two brothers, Louis and Manuel Mandel. It made very particular cameras, an early type of instant camera for the postcard format and a magazine camera for ferrotype film chips. The kind of magazine camera was also made by others, but the ferrotype postcard instant cameras were unique, made for "Mandel's Positive Process-No Negatives". They used a kind of light paper-based ferrotype plates.

At some time in the 1930s, the company was renamed the PDQ Camera Company.[1] Their PDQ camera used essentially the same process, with ferrotype paper in rolls, each exposure cut off as it was dropped into the developing tank. The PDQ camera was advertised until 1958.[1]


(as the PDQ Camera Co.)


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