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The Doppel Box was made in Germany by Certo c.1935[1].

It is called Doppel, German for Double, because it can shoot 2 formats, eight 6x9cm images or sixteen images 4.5x6cm on 120 roll film. It has a sheet metal body. The format can be selected by a knob on the right-hand side. The front section of the camera, containing the lens, shutter and finders, hinges away from the back to allow the film-holder insert to be removed for loading.

The control below the lens sets 3 (fixed) aperture sizes of f11, f16 or f22.[2]

The shutter has 'M' (Moment), 'B' (Ball) and 'T' (Timed) settings.[2]

The Certomat 1:11 / 10.5cm lens is of the doublet type. The lens has a fixed focus but there is a built-in portrait lens which can be swung in front of the Certomat and is for the distance range from 2 till 5 meters.[2]

It has 2 brilliant viewfinders. One for the horizontal (landscape) and one for the vertical (portrait) orientation. Both have lines to indicate the 4.5x6cm format area.[2]

Film transport is performed manually by a winder key on the right-hand side. The back has 3 red windows to observe the frame numbers, a big one for the 6x9cm format and 2 smaller ones for the 4.5x6cm format.[2]


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