Canon Snappy Q

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The Snappy Q is a point and shoot 35mm film camera from Canon release in 1989. It is also known as the Canon Sketchbook. It belongs in a series of Snappy cameras.

The camera is fixed focus design using a 35mm f/4.5 lens. This lens is designed with a unique foggy-corner filter. The shutter has a single speed of 1/70 sec. along with a built-in self-timer. It can support film speeds of 100/200 ISO and 400 ISO. There is a built-in automatic pop-up flash with a GN of 9 (ISO 100 in M). The film advance is automatic with built-in motor with speeds of 1 fps. The frame counter is upwards counting and resets when back is opened. The camera is powered by two common 1.5V AA batteries.