Canon EOS 100

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This camera is also knows as the EOS Elan in the US with some minor differences - loss of focal 'beep' option; no auto flash pop-up.

Aimed at the 1991 prosumer market, the Canon EOS 100 is notable for being one of the first non-pro EOS cameras to have a 'quick control dial' on the rear. A polycarbonate rather than metal body, the 100 also featured the first 'zoom flash' built into an EOS camera (capable of TTL and A-TTL functions). The EOS 100 also inherited the (somewhat gimmicky) barcode function from the EOS 10s, whereby you can 'scan' specific barcodes to upload picture settings to the camera (Canon released a booklet containing 100 such barcodes along with this camera). For power it uses a 2CR5 battery.

Notable features:

  • AF assist lamp
  • Zoom flash (28, 50 and 80 mm)
  • In-Viewfinder camera shake warning
  • Rear quick-control dial
  • DOF preview mode
  • Mirror lock-up function
  • 'Noise reduction technology' to reduce operating volume
  • Sprocketless film take-up spool
  • 6.5% partial metering mode (with metered area circled in viewfinder)


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