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Some topics or cameras are covered in both Wikipedia and; but Wikipedia has a notability requirement which disqualifies many topics or brands from inclusion there.


The photo-sharing service Flickr has a number of specialized features which may be of interest to photographers and camera collectors:

  • There are thousands of special-interest Flickr groups, covering many topics; these include users of particular cameras, films, or processing techniques—even ones dedicated to a single particular lens.
  • It is possible to make a keyword search of all Flickr's photos, to see images of (or images made with) particular pieces of photographic gear.
  • You may also search's own Flickr pool, a selection of ~45,000 equipment-related images (only one other pool of photo-gear images is larger in size).
  • The EXIF data encoded in digital images makes it possible for Flickr's Camera Finder to show a selection of images taken with practically any model of digital camera in existence, and thus examine their image properties.

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