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Japanese pseudo TLR (edit)
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4.5×6 Binox | Maruso Refe
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The Binox is a Japanese 4.5×6 pseudo TLR camera made by Binoca around 1951–2.[1]


The Binox has a black plastic body with a revolving back, allowing to take both vertical and horizontal pictures, and two white plastic knobs. The top of the body contains a big brilliant finder whose front lens is marked BINOX BRILLIANT. A metal plate screwed over the viewing part indicates the vertical and horizontal frame sizes.

The lens is a fixed focus 70mm f/8 marked RAPID SYMM. The shutter has 100, 50, 25, B speed settings and is synchronized via two small pins protruding from the body's bottom part. The shutter housing supports the release lever and a distant release connector. The shutter plate is marked JUNIOR at the top and BINOX at the bottom.


An advertisement dated April 1952[2] pictures the camera (as in the column reproduced above) with a flash unit attached to the right-hand plastic knob and connected to the synch pins by two interlaced cords. The camera was sold with the flash unit for ¥3,800.


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