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Template:127 Japan The Baby Light (ベビー・ライト) is a Japanese 3×4 camera using 127 film, made by Ōhashi Kōki Seisakusho in 1936 and 1937.[1] It has a metal body and the lens and shutter assembly is mounted on a telescopic tube. The top plate is chromed and supports the tubular optical finder on the right, the advance knob on the left end and some other knob in the middle. It seems that the bottom plate is chromed too.

In an advertisement dated April 1937[2], the camera is offered in two variants:

  • RR lens, single 1/25 speed (¥7);
  • Genira Special f/6.3 lens, Genira 25, 50, 100, B shutter (¥12).

In the advertising picture, the shutter plate is barely legible but it seems to be marked GENIRA–SHUTTER at the top and OKS at the bottom, like the shutter plate of the Roll Light Ref. OKS probably stands for Ohashi Koki Seisakusho.


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