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Template:127 Japan The Baby Oso[1] (ベビー・オーソ) is a 3×4 camera announced in 1937 by the Japanese company Optochrom. The only advertisement mentioned by Kokusan kamera no rekishi is dated February 1937[2]. The Baby Oso is presented as soon to be available, with no price indicated.

The shutter has T, B, 25, 50, 100 speeds. The lens aperture is f:4.5 but the lens name is a bit confusing: it could be New Gold Lausar[3], or New Gold and Lausar could be a choice of two different lenses.

The camera pictured has a metallic top housing, containing the viewfinder, not unlike the Letix or the Kraft. It seems that it was never sold.


  1. The Roman spelling "Oso" is only inferred from the katakana オーソ. Kokusan kamera no rekishi exceptionnally gives no Roman equivalent. Given that the camera probably did not reach production level, it is possible that no Roman name was ever attributed.
  2. Advertisement for the Baby Chrome, Baby Oso and Semi Chrome A and B, originally published in the February 1937 issue of Asahi Camera, reproduced in Shōwa 10–40nen kōkoku ni miru kokusan kamera no rekishi in two parts, items 34 and 89–91.
  3. Roman writing temptatively inferred from the katakana ニユーゴールド・ローザー.



Kigawa timeline (edit)
Type 1930s 1940s 1950s
6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3
3×4 rigid Baby Chrome
Baby Oso Tsubasa Oso
Tsubasa Arawashi ...
4×6.5 telescopic Tsubasa Chrome ...
folding Tsubasa Spring ...
4.5×6 strut folding Semi Chrome B
horizontal folding Tsubasa Super Semi ... _
Tsubasa II Super Semi
Tsubasa Nettar Tsubasa Kiko Three
vertical folding Semi Chrome A Semi Sixteenth
(dates unclear)
Semi Kulax Kiko Semi ... _ Tsubasa Semi
6×6 horizontal folding Gotex ... ... Poppy Six
(dates unknown)
... Carl Six
TLR Kiko Flex Tsubasaflex Graceflex
16mm subminiature ... Poppy
(dates unknown)
Manufacturer: ... Kigawa Seimitsu ... Kigawa Kōgaku Carl Kōgaku
Shin Nippon
Distributor: Optochrom-sha ... Nichiei Shōkai Kikō Shōji ...
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Cameras in yellow are variants sold and maybe assembled by other companies.