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As de Trèfle (Ace of Clubs) was a French maker of plates, film and printing paper from the early 20th century. MoMA has a number of postcards in its collection produced by the company.[1] Also at MoMA, Lee Ann Daffner stated in a note about Paris paper-maker Guilleminot that As de Trèfle paper was made by a mill owned by Grieshaber Frères & Company of Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, outside Paris.[2][3]

The company's products included Veritas plates and Indovir self-fixing printing paper in the 1920s[4] as well as 'As de Trèfle' and 'Aschrom' film.[5]

It seems very likely that this is the same company (given as Société Nouvelle 'As de Trèfle' produits photographiques at Collection Appareils) which sold some cameras in the 1950s.[6] Collection Appareils (in their page on the As Phot) gives the company address (or perhaps that of a lawyer or agent, since it is the address given for registering the camera models) as Rue de Maubeuge 71, Paris, close to the Gare du Nord.



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