Arette 1Dn

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The Arette 1DN, was made by Apparate & Kamerabau in 1958, and was one of the Arette series. The 1D was introduced in 1957. In 1958 this was renamed 1Dn, and at a later date became the Dn. The 1Dn appears to differ little from the 1D, while the Dn has a slightly different rewind knob catch.


  • Viewfinder: A split image rangefinder. No bright line or parallax markings. Image about 2/3rds of natural size.
  • Focus: Coupled rangefinder with manual lever on lens barrel.
  • Lens: 50 mm. f/2.8 Isconar (assumed to be a triplet) stopping down to f/16.
  • Shutter: Prontor SVS five-blade leaf shutter. B, 1, 1/2nd, 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/15th, 1/30th, 1/60th, 1/125th and 1/300th. The shutter can be set at M or X synch.
  • Meter: Uncoupled photoelectric.
  • Exposure: Manual.
  • Exposure range: EV4 to EV17 at 100 ASA.
  • Film Speed: 6 - 6400 ASA.
  • Flash: Cold shoe and PC terminal. M and X sync.