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Speedex was the name used by Ansco in Binghamton, NY, for a series of 6x6 format folding cameras. The first Speedex models appeared in 1940, under the name Agfa Ansco, the brand in use in that period. The original models were produced in the US, however.

As with other Agfa Ansco products, the film size may be designated B2 (the Agfa designation); but this is equivalent to 120 film.

The Speedex B2 has 85mm f/4.5 Agfa Anastigmat lens. The shutter has speeds from 1/2 to 1/250 shutter speeds plus B and T settings. There is no interlock which prevents double exposures. The bellows were not made of leather, so often pinholes have developed in them.

The Speedex B2 Junior was a much simpler camera. It also took 120 film, but the lens only had setting from f/11 to f/22 and the shutter only had two speeds: an "Instant" (presumably around 1/60) and a Time setting.

The 1950 Standard Speedex (or Speedex 6.3) had styling similar to the Ansco Titan but lacked that model's adjustable shutter speeds.

A less common model with characteristics similar to the Speedex was the Ansco B2 Commander.

After 1953

Speedex models introduced after about 1953 were manufactured by Agfa, equivalent to their Isolette series.

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