Ansco Rediflex

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The Ansco Rediflex is a fixed-focus pseudo-TLR taking 6cm square images on 620 film.[1] The body and wind knob are of moulded black plastic; the front panel and viewfinder hood of stamped metal.

The lens has two elements flanking a fixed aperture stop of approximately f/16. The shutter may be set to I for instant or B (bulb) for time exposures. There is no tripod socket, but there are two holes 1" apart along the right side of the front panel to receive the pins of a flashbulb holder. Film advance is by red window and there is no interlock to prevent double exposures (as for example was found in the competing Argus seventy-five).

Users attempting to use this camera with currently-available 120 film will discover that the film compartments are too narrow to accept a 120 spool, unless the swinging metal film-holder clips are modified.