Ansco Clipper

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The Ansco Clipper and Flash Clipper were simple non-adjustable cameras made by Agfa Ansco, later Ansco, from the 1930s into the 1950s. (The series began as the Agfa Ansco PD16 Clipper, but Agfa branding was dropped during the WWII years.)

They took 15 images on 616 film. The lens board pulled out of the camera body for taking pictures, and collapsed to make the camera more compact when not in use. The focus and aperture were fixed, while the shutter had I and B settings.

The Flash Clipper was modified with an accessory shoe, and a proprietary two-pin flash sync connection beside the lens. The Flash Champion is a name variant of the Flash Clipper.

The upmarket, higher-spec version of the same camera (featuring focus and exposure adjustments) was the Clipper Special.


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